2007 Used Ford Expedition

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2008 Ford Expedition

2008 Ford Expedition

 2007 Used Ford Expedition
Ford Expedition Front
Ford Expedition Rear
Ford Expedition Interior
Ford Expedition Steering Wheel
Ford Expedition Back Seat

A 2007 used Ford Expedition makes a great target for full-size SUV shoppers due to the fact that it represents the very first year of the current model’s complete redesign. This means that it offers a huge number of improvements compared to previous editions of the vehicle at a price that is much more affordable than a new model.

Some of the highlights of the 2007 used Ford Expedition include fresh styling that has been designed to give the vehicle into the same modern look as the Ford F-150 whose basic platform it shares. A chassis upgrade also gives the vehicle a much stiffer frame and better suspension both front and rear, which helps the 2007 used Ford Expedition turn and tow better while offering improved ride comfort across the board. Brakes have been upgraded to help provide more control when coming to a stop – even when fully loaded – and stability control was also made standard to help the full-size SUV offer a greater degree of safety.

Inside a number of different upgrades were also made to the 2007 used Ford Expedition. The air conditioner has been modified to provide cooler air to more of the vehicle’s enormous cabin, and a DVD navigation system was also made available on certain trim levels of the vehicle. More comfy seats and a quieter passenger compartment also make for a more peaceful and relaxed driving experience, which is greatly appreciated on longer road trips.

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In the power department a 2007 used Ford Expedition is motivated by the tried, tested and true 5.4-liter V-8 that is one of the workhorses of the Ford Motor Company. This unit generates 300 horsepower and 365 lb-ft of torque, which not only makes for impressive acceleration but also enables the full-size SUV to tow as much as 9,200 lbs. 2007 used Ford Expedition models are the first of the breed to benefit from a six-speed automatic transmission which is a huge improvement over the four-speed from the 2006 edition. Fuel mileage is rated at 14 miles per gallon in city driving and 20 miles per gallon on the highway, and it is also possible to find versions of the 2007 used Ford Expedition that are equipped with a rugged four-wheel drive system.

Last but not least the 2007 used Ford Expedition is a truly versatile vehicle when it comes to interior accommodations. With the ability to seat up to eight passengers or haul as much as 130 cubic feet of cargo in the EL extended model (also new for 2007), this SUV is hard to beat when it comes to getting the job done.

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Date : 08/06/2010

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